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Web Technik internet starter package

Until very recently one of the first things a new business would do is get business cards printed. Now there is something even more important – get on the internet. Your business card needs web and email addresses. Our aim is to make that first step as easy and affordable as possible for you.
It's hardly necessary to explain why, the benefits are common knowledge - some are:

  • The single most cost effective form of advertising, cheaper than a newspaper advert, much cheaper than TV or radio, cheaper than door to door leaflet distribution, possibly cheaper even than an advert in the Parish magazine! [more]
  • Information about your products and services is available internationally 24/365
  • More sales
  • Increased profits
  • Lower business operating costs [more]
  • Professional design, individually built to your specification in the UK
  • Expert answers to your internet questions/problems
  • People who speak your language
  • Plain English explanations - ask what you want, we believe there's no such thing as a stupid question!
  • Ongoing internet support and advice
  • We do not outsource development, support or anything else to India
  • A company with a proven track record - hundreds of completed projects since 1996
  • We have ethical standards - we will not undertake work which may cause offence [more]
  • Our web servers are NOT shared with any ethically questionable web-sites

What do you get for your money?

The three essentials for your first steps in business and on the internet:

  • One domain name - If you want to tell people where to find out more about your business or contact you what's easier for them to remember something like or a telephone number? I can't even remember my own mobile 'phone number! Print your web address on advertising material, business cards, letterheads. Don't have business stationery printed without a web and email address, you'll lose business.
    What's more if someone searches Google for someone in your area selling your type of goods and services you'd have a good chance of being found. We’ll help you choose an address and we’ll buy it for you.
  • A one page website - That's about the same as what you could fit on an A4 flyer, for example a logo, a photo that represents what you do and 250 words of descriptive text. Plenty of room for your contact details, opening hours and a description of your goods and services.
  • One email address - What looks the most professional something like or No contest! But not only that. If you used on your printed sales material but then moved from AOL to another provider for your internet connection you'd lose your AOL email address. You’d need new stationery. Anyone who knew your old address would be unable to contact you - would be yours for as long as you need it. If you wish we can also arrange for your new email address to fetch any mail sent to your old address (or, not recommended but possible, send copies of any email sent to your new address back to the old one.

Sounds good but what about the price...

There are two parts to the price. The basic setup costs £100, that covers buying a domain name, building and uploading a one page site, providing an email address (using your domain name, something like If the basic one-page of content isn't enough then ask us about additional pages or special features. That price does not include the cost of hosting the website. Our web servers are high-availability, high performance systems and we acknowledge that you may prefer a cheaper alternative. We do hope you'll choose our service - at under £2 a week (£100 paid annually in advance). We upload the site, we configure the server, we submit the site to Google, we pay domain name registration and renewal fees, we set up your email. You have the peace of mind that the site is in safe hands and when you need any future help you have a single, reliable point of contact.

So let's make that clear: the best solution will cost you £200 in year one, that's made up of a one off fee of £100 for building the content and £100 a year for hosting, configuration, domain name and ongoing support. If that's more than you want to pay you may be able to save a few pounds on hosting but at the cost of arranging and configuring it yourself.

Still more than you can afford right now? Well the next place for you to go is to build your own website. We understand your reasoning but you may find it harder than you thought. If you hit a problem where do you turn for help? Give us a call - If we can fix it (or tell you how) in a few minutes it will only incurr our lowest support call rate £15.

How can Web Technik provide all this for so little?

When you are setting up a new business there are so many expenses and other things to consider that in the search for value for money people risk making wrong decisions based on low cost.
We'll be honest with you - this is a loss leader. If we provide you a good basic service then when you need more you'll know and trust us and will ask us to do the work for you.

We also know from experience that use of web and email improves a business' profitability and so who better to help you in future than the people that have already helped your new business succeed?

Over our 16+ years in business we've seen countless dreadfully bad websites - not just home-made ones but also many built by people promoting themselves as professional web-designers. For an affordable sum you can avoid being another of those.

Our team of professionals often have a pause in one of their larger projects awaiting information or approvals from a client so these smaller tasks are a useful and refreshing way to keep productively occupied.

Want to know more?

See an example one-page starter web site here

Read our Frequently Asked Questions page FAQ

Need a bit more than the standard basic site offers? Maybe more than one page, maybe some kind of special feature. No problem, explain what you need and we'll give you a competitive quote.

Find out more about Web Technik at our main web site

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