What happened to WebTechnik Ltd?

The business was progressing well, adding more staff and moving to a larger office but then Wendy became ill and eventually died. Without the driving force behind the business, we started to haemorrhage money. With my “day-job” and two young kids I was operating at full-stretch it seemed the only option was to sell. We explored that but potential buyers could see we needed to sell so would only offer derisory deals. Instead I decided to scale back, having to make the difficult decision to make some staff unemployed and move to cheaper office space.

We kept going for a further 15 years but in 2014 a combination of Pauline wanting to retire, Sue having had an accident leading to very lengthy treatment and recovery time and me wishing to wind-down (having taken early retirement from the Bank) I decided it was time to pull down the shutters. Having ensured all my suppliers were paid so nobody would be out of pocket, the most cost-effective way to do that was to go into liquidation.

That created another problem, we had responsibility several dozen client’s web sites. The server and domain name renewals were all paid for up to a year ahead and had expected everyone to move away. Only 3 did in the first few months and I was continuing to provide ad-hoc support. I decided the best option was to put them them onto a more secure footing. I created another business to provide continuity of service and a basis on which I could charge for my ongoing tasks. After a year, nobody else had moved away.

I was concerned that some clients were heavily dependent on what had become a one-man business, especially as that one man was approaching state pension age. For those with essentially static sites, even if I was unavailable they’d be OK, all renewals were on automatic direct debits so even worst-case scenarios would be an annoyance rather than business critical. The exception was ecommerce sites, with daily turnover into the ┬úthousands. I proactively helped them find alternative providers and move their web sites.