Your internet problems solved.

This is no longer a business but Rob’s individual web support site, please see my history page for an explanation.

Basically I’m retired but still actively interested in, and involved with technology, the internet in particular.

I’m not reliant on internet work for my income, having a decent HSBC pension. That means I can choose what tasks I take on. I enjoy problem-solving and the smaller tasks other’s can’t (or don’t want to) take on.

With a combination of my technical background and working with the internet as it evolved to the global phenomenon it has become I have deep and extensive knowledge and experience. I can hand-code HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, Perl. I have a good technical understanding of web hosting, domain names, DNS, email handling options. I can usually solve problems that others can’t.

Can I help YOU?

There’s no charge for an initial yes/no response as to whether I believe I can help.
Beyond the yes/no then whatever your problem, for only £20 I will provide an expert second opinion.

Think of that £20 like the call-out charge a plumber, electrician or white-goods repairman would charge

Often I can implement a simple fix at no further cost.  Otherwise I’ll tell you my conclusion and may offer an inexpensive fix or suggest another way forward.  There’s no obligation to accept that and I’ll not pressure you.

Unlike many others I don’t see your enquiry as an opportunity to up-sell you an unnecessary website rebuild. If I can make a simple quick inexpensive fix I will do.

I’m happy to work with other designers who find they need help with an issue outside their skill set and I won’t poach your client.

Do I build web sites?

I can, I’ve got extensive knowledge and a powerful toolkit but I’ll only take on tasks that interest me usually the relatively small. Don’t be afraid to ask.

Is this a good example? NO! it’s a couple of hours work, mostly typing!

Are there technologies I can’t help with?

There are new internet products and services emerging every day, it’s no longer possible for even a large team to have expertise in more than a handful. I am fine with the underlying core technologies but there are times when I’ll say No. Surely that’s better than claiming to know more than I do.

What are my rates?

You’ll struggle to find my level of expertise available at a more competitive cost. Every task is different, if it’s work I’m interested in that in itself is part of my reward. I can only propose a price when I know what you need, my promise is “no surprises”. If I take on a task I’ll quote a price, that will only change if you change your requirements in which case I’ll tell you straight away, I’ll not submit a larger than expected invoice.

Have I got a portfolio of completed work?

Yes, hundreds, 30 years worth including tasks for global corporations and household names. When I know what you need I may refer you to a relevant example web site.

Do I undertake SEO or SMM

(That’s Search Engine Optimisation and Social Media Marketing). No. to undertake either implies a lot of time and effort, it’s costly. In the words of UK industrialist Lord Leverhulme “Half my advertising spend is wasted; the trouble is, I don’t know which half.” That applies to SEO and SMM, it can cost a lot and deliver little.

Pro-bono work

I already help out with technical support for a couple of charities at no cost. I will need to invoice for any more such work but don’t be afraid to ask, half an hour of my time might save you many hours effort.