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Technical web site features

If you need more than just a standard static web site we have a whole raft of additional dynamic and interactive features, some are standard "off the shelf" web page components that just need a bit of technical configuration and integration work.
Bespoke programming work can be costly so we look for alternatves. Our first approach is to look for an open source or low cost program we can use or tailor to your requirements. If there's nothing suitable then at least we will have seen what's available and although not quite what you need we can learn from what they are offering and take inspiration from any good ideas we've found. Alternatively you may prefer to adjust your requirements to fit in with what the "off-the-shelf" programs offer in order to keep the budget down.
Some examples of past special requirements include:

  • A database systems to track customer satisfaction survey statistics for a network of 1000 retail outlets
  • Bespoke interactive mapping systems - usually based around the Google maps programming interface
  • Industry specific calculators - for example we created one for hot water cylinders for central heating systems. The calculator helped customers choose the best height, diameter and capacity for their application.
  • A variety of special purpose file upload and presentation utilities.
  • Training course calendars, with simple update and booking facilities.
  • An easy to use dynamic lookup system to identify which materials are safe to use with different categories of corrosive liquids.
  • Dynamic generation of PDF format printable documents (the specific example was a web page to specify and print sheets of adhesive address labels). Rather than present a user with a PDF form to download, print and complete by hand instead let them complete the details on-line and then print the document.

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