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Web Technik internet starter package: Frequently Asked Questions

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  • How long does it take to set up my internet starter package?
    We will register a suitable domain name immediately upon payment. Your web-page and email will become available within two working days. Initially the web page will show basic contact details. We will add your logo, photos, text when you provide them.
  • Can I see an example?
    Yes, here or a larger site here.
  • Is this just for businesses?
    No if you want to provide any other information on the web we can help either with a variant of the internet starter package or we might suggest something better suited to your needs.
  • Is this the best deal I'll find?
    Yes. Just compare what we offer with the charges of on-line "yellow pages" style business directories. We were quoted £400 a year just for adding our web-address to our free standard entry (name, phone number and postal address) the online directory. That worked out at £20 per letter in our web address!
  • Is this really the cheapest form of advertising?
    Yes, just check the alternatives and compare like for like, remember the website is there 24/365. Of course different forms of advertising reach different markets.
    For a local decorating business a leaflet campaign may be a good choice - but including web and email addresses on that leaflet will improve response levels.
    The way to look at it is that using different ways of advertising together with a web-site link doesn't just add but multiplies the effectiveness of your promotional activities: 3+3=6 but 3x3=9
  • Can I have more than the basic service?
    Yes, Web Technik have a wide range of technical and visual design skills available. Speak to us to discuss what you would like, it's easier to say "Talk to us" than to try to list all the options that are available.
  • Can I change details easily?
    Yes, just email us any changes you need making - we will make one small change a year for no additional charge, we normally do that same day but our target completion time is two normal working days.
  • Can I include a contact form, interactive map, video, payment link, audio, downloadable files, photo-gallery etc?
    Customers on our larger packages pay higher fees which can include those and many other options. It is not possible to include them in the basic internet starter package however they may be added at additional cost.
  • What should I write about my products/services?
    We provide an example and will send you a questionnaire to prompt you for the right kind of information.
  • Can I upgrade my site in future?
    Yes, Our earnest hope is that your business will thrive. Having helped you take your first step into the Internet we will be here to help you take the next ones too as your business grows.
  • Will my site be indexed on Google?
    We submit your site to Google and they will normally index it within a few days. That's not a guarantee but they've never let us down.
  • Will my site come top on Google?
    Google uses literally hundreds of factors to assess how prominently any individual site will be listed. In a one page site we can't satisfy all those criteria - for example, some factors Google considers are: the number of pages, the number of links to other pages within the site, links to and from other relevant good quality web sites.
    There are companies (SEOs - Search Engine Optimisers) who will help make your site more easily found, the successful ones charge thousands of pounds a year for their service. The cheap ones and anyone who promises you a first page listing on Google is going to cheat you.
    Google exclude sites which fall short of their criteria but exclusions are of sites using techniques intended to "game the system" - to mislead Google in some way. Anyone who promises you a first page listing on Google is going to cheat you and perhaps use some of those techniques Google disapprove of, they give a short term boost but once Google spot the abuse the site risks blacklisting.
    It is possible to help a site to rank better if you specify what search term you expect people to use. For example someone using the search "Buy widgets" will get different results to someone searching for "Widgets for sale" - the first of those phrases finds over 400 million results, the second over 60 million so if you wanted to come top for either there's a lot of competition all trying to do the same.
  • Can Web Technik provide Broadband or dial-up internet access?
    No. We have chosen to stick to what we're best at. Our advice is: if you can get Cable broadband that will be fast reliable and inexpensive. We have heard of lots of bad experiences with BT internet. Not only do we not recommend them, we advise against using them. Zen internet has an excellent reputation - but at above average prices. Reports and reviews of Sheffield based provider Plusnet are generally good and inexpensive although now owned by BT. AOL has it's own non-standard way of operating which can cause problems.
  • If I want to move my domain, email, website elsewhere in future can I?
    Yes, we impose no restrictions, we'd rather retain customers by providing a quality service than by attempting to lock you in to our service. We have several customers who left for what they thought was a better alternative - and then returned to us. We do charge a small handling fee of £15 for the admin work involved.
  • Can't I do all this myself?
    Yes, but do you have the time to learn everything you need? Are you certain you'll be able to produce a quality web site? Wouldn't that time be better spent developing your core business?
    We are offering you a website built by experienced professionals and hosted on high performace, high availability professional class web servers for less than many enthusastic amateurs would charge. If you value your own time at £5 an hour then our basic deal will work out cheaper. If you do embark on a DIY web site and hit some difficulties we may be able to help. Give us a call. If we can fix it (or tell you how) in a few minutes it will only incurr our lowest support call rate £15.
  • A friend has offered to build me a web site free.
    How motivated are they? How capable are they? How offended will they be if you don't like what they create? How responsive will they be to making a few changes at a later date? These arrangements often end badly. When you need our help give us a call. If we can fix it (or tell you how) in a few minutes it will only incurr our lowest support call rate £15.
  • How can a web site save costs?
    In several ways:
    • A web site can include answers to your prospective clients' common questions, maybe just simple things like "Are you open on Saturdays?" - that saves you time answering the phone and time is money...
    • The website enables you to make your other advertising much more brief but impactful. A newspaper advert can only include a few dozen words, include the web address and most readers have immediate access to a level of product detail you'd never be able to put in any other kind of ad.
    • Immediacy - suppose someone phones to ask if you can send a product brochure - just refer them to the web page, you don't have to spend a lot on brochures and postage and they get all the same information without waiting for the post to arrive.
    • Some advertising might need nothing more than the web address - for example printing on promotional gifts.
  • Are there any other costs I need to know about?
    No, as long as you pay us your annual renewal fee promptly there's nothing else to pay unless you ask us to do more. Beware - if you get a bill from anyone other than ourselves in relation to your web site it will be a scam.
  • How do I access my email?
    We will set up an email account which you can access from a web-page.
  • Will I get spam (junk mail)?
    The online email account includes good spam filtering, you will probably still get some mail you don't want but most of the junk should be sent straight into your spam folder (where it stays for a month before being deleted).
  • Who will own my domain name?
    Nominet, the body responsible for administering UK domain names does not sell names. They sell the right to use a name. The names they provide are yours and remain yours for as long as you pay the small annual renewal fee. Normally we pay that on your behalf as part of the annual hosting charge. If you leave us you will need to take responsibility for paying the domain name renewal. If the fee is not paid the name will lapse and become available for others to buy.
  • ...So how come people offer domain names for sale?
    This comes down to the distinction between owning the name and owning the right to use it. The right to use a domain name is transferrable. Someone owning the right to use a name can sell that right. The highest amount paid for a UK domain name was over half a million pounds.
  • I already own a domain name, do I get a discount?
    Sorry, the extra admin we need to do to redirect it to our webspace uses up the few pounds the domain would have cost.
  • Can the website be loaded to my own web-space?
    Our recommended deal includes uploading to the hosting package we offer. If you want to use your own web space we provide the site as a zipped (compressed) file which we will send to you by email, you will need to configure the server and upload the contents of the zip file.
  • Can I choose between .com or (or other top level domains)?
    The domain name included in the basic internet starter package will be a name. Additional or alternative names are available but at additional cost.
  • Can I have more than one domain name?
    Yes, we can arrange for additional domain names to acces the same web site (e.g. and could both lead to the same web page). There is a small additional annual cost associated with each name.
  • Who owns the copyright of the website?
    You own the copyright of all the materials you provide - logo, photos, text. We assign the copyright of anything we create as part of the assembled starter package web page to you. Any content from third parties is subject to their requirements.
  • I've had a call/email from someone else about my web site. Do I need to do anything?
    There are some common scams you need to know about:
    • A call to say someone would like to buy a web address that sounds like yours, would you like to buy it to prevent them doing that? Don't. If you really do think it would be a good idea to buy it then let us do it for you, we will actually buy it, not just take your money and do nothing.
    • An invoice for domain name renewal, commonly for a period of up to 10 years. Disregard it. You will only get one invoice a year relating to your web site and it will come from Web Technik.
    • An email perhaps showing statistics about your website position in the search engines and offering to improve that. They have to send out thousands of emails like that to get a single customer - so their charges to that customer need to cover the cost of those thousands of failed emails. Don't do it.
    • An offer to submit your website address to thousands of search engines. Google is by far the most widely used search engine, there are only a couple of credible competitors, used by far fewer people. Submissions to the rest of that list of thousands will make no difference whatsoever - except that you'll get more junk mail (and as a result of a Google update in 2012, code name "Penguin", links from low grade sites will damage your Google placement).
  • I don't need the web site/email any longer, is there a refund for the unused period?
    Sorry, no, it's a one year package.
  • What if I don't like the design Web Technik provide?
    At this low cost we cannot afford to include additional designs and so it is important that you give us clear instructions. If you are not happy with the initial design we can provide further designs at a cost of £40 each (+VAT). Minor changes may attract a small charge at our discretion. We will not charge to correct any errors on our part.
  • I have a web site created by someone else but there are problems... Can Web Technik help?
    Very probably. Give us a call and we'll advise what we can do. We offer a service called "website rescue". We have even been able to recover websites where the orignal designer can no longer be contacted and the web site has disappeared.
  • Can I have FTP access?
    The starter package does not include FTP access, ask us about alternatives.
  • Can I get statistics or log files?
    For a small charge we can add stats or logs to the starter package.
  • The internet starter package is great, can I earn commission if I refer another customer to you?
    The package is such a fantastic bargain that your friends will be grateful for the referral. Nevertheless we appreciate your loyalty and will apply a credit to your account which can be offset against future tasks or your annual renewal.
  • Can Web Technik provide computer repairs/support?
    We have chosen to stick to what we're best at. Many small local repair shops provide a competent service.
  • Does Web Technik provide internet related advice and support?
    Customers on our standard packages pay a higher annual fee which includes access to expert email/telephone enquiry support. It is not possible to include that in the internet starter package, it is available at an hourly rate and subject to a minimum charge of £15.
    Anyone is welcome to browse the news section of our web site which, contains general internet related advice and support, often stimulated by a question from a client or our opinion of the relevance of a major internet news story to our clients.
  • Are the web/email servers reliable?
    Our servers have a record of better than 99.9% and response times are good. They are housed in a secure data center with 24x365 engineering cover, battery and generator backup power and multiple high capacity internet backbone connections.
  • Can I have a copy of my web site on CD?
    Customers on our standard packages pay a higher annual fee which includes a copy CD on demand. It is not possible to include that in the internet starter packages and there is really little need however we can provide a CD copy but have to charge £15 for the time/admin/materials involved.
  • Is there any cap on the web-hosting package?
    Most web hosting deals come with limits on disk space or bandwidth. With a one page website that's not a concern. It only becomes an issue if you are placing heavy demands on the server with a successful ecommerce offering, a demanding database application or streaming videos.
  • This all sounds too good to be true, where's the catch?
    There speaks a true Yorkshireman! You want honesty, here it is. The starter package is exactly that, if you want something not specified as part of the package there will be a cost. The starter package will help your business succeed and when it does you'll want to grow the web site - we want to be your first choice to do the work when that happens.
  • Are there types of Internet web site Web Technik will refuse?
    Yes. We operate to high ethical standards. That means your web site must not include any material which might cause offence to others. That means things like discrimatory content in respect of geographical or racial origin, gender, sexual orientation, religion, disability, politics, offensive language, depictions in words or images of violent or sexual acts, derogatory remarks relating to persons or organisations.
    We will not provide "get-rich-quick" web-sites such as for pyramid selling schemes. We will not provide access to downloadable files unless we are satisfied that there is no risk of copyright infringement. Direct links to other sites hosting such content are also unacceptable.
    This policy benefits all our customers. A web server may host hundreds of web sites. If one of those is identified by Google as having unacceptable content they may blacklist all the web sites on that server. Our servers are reserved solely for our customer's web sites.
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