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Web Technik, Sheffield Internet web site technical and visual design, email services, hosting and ongoing support
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Internet and web services

Our focus is on your internet needs: web site, email handling (minimal spam), domain names, web hosting. We don't offer IT support. We don't provide telecomms services. We don't design for print. That's because we think companies that claim they can do everything make a poor job of everything. What we do offer is:

  • Web site design, build and support - from the smallest start-up business to major projects
  • Technical web site features - going beyond static web pages to deliver various categories of interaction.
  • Ecommerce web site design, build and support - from simplest single product "buy" button to fully featured "industrial strength" online shopping catalogues.
  • Website Rescue - Lost contact with your original designer? Need some updates doing but he's too slow or expensive? Need a feature that's beyond his capabilities? Started to make your own website and finding it harder than you thought. Whatever the problem try our Website Rescue service.
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) - Basic SEO is built into all the work we do. We also offer remedial SEO for older web sites and more advanced research and analysis once a site is established.
  • Updateable websites - The problem with the very many "easy to use" content management systems is that they are easy for geeks to use but impenetrable for the rest of us! One risk with those is that it's easy to make a mistake which may prove difficult, costly, time consuming to fix, meanwhile visitors to your website are getting a poor experience. We can integrate facilities that truly are easy to update.
  • Web Hosting - primarily for web sites we have built and maintain. Web sites are hosted on servers dedicated to our clients and based in secure data centres with better than 99.9% availability.
  • Domain names - we will help you choose the best names available, advise you, buy, configure and manage.
  • Email handling - There are so many ways of handling email, we'll set up accounts for you configured to work the way that best suits your needs. An email address like looks far more professional than We can get the volume of junk mail you receive under control.
  • Mailshots - one of the most powerful online marketing tools but only if done right, get it wrong and you'll be regarded as a spammer. Use the wrong system and delivery rates will be poor or costs excessive. We can set up the best, affordable, fully standards compliant and easy to use system for you.
  • Consultancy - Basic advice is part of our service, we can also provide in depth analysis and report on a topic.
  • Support - Circumstances change, technology moves on, your website will attract unsolicited "advice" and offers to sell you additional products and services - are they genuine or junk? Your default position should be skeptical but sometimes they just sound so good, you can't see the catch. Give us a call, if it really is a great offer we want to know, if there's a well concealed catch we'll find it.
  • Online security - Although we don't provide IT support in general, we will advise in respect of your on-line security.
  • Links policy - Exchanging links with other good quality relevant websites is a good idea - in principle. In practise there are some major pitfalls. Ask for our "How to" guide to understand how to benefit rather than lose from link exchanges.
  • How to guides - There are many questions and misunderstandings about aspects of email, web sites, search and the internet in general. Over our 15+ year's in business we've been asked, researched and responded to so many that we have accumulated a set of stock answers and a knowledge base some of which is encapsulated in "how to" guides. We can provide these to our customers - and if yours is a new question we'll do our best to provide appropriate guidance.
  • More - There's so much more you many need to know about any of the services/topics above - pick up the phone and talk to us.
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