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Newsletters and bulk email

Newsletters and bulk email are a great way to keep in touch with past and prospective customers. There are right ways and wrong ways to do it. The wrong ways come with risks you'll be identified as a spammer and your internet service provider (the people that provide your broadband) and/or email provider may terminate your internet services.

Many commercial bulk mail services offer their service free for relatively low-volume usage - in the hope you'll grow your usage to the level at which you need to upgrade to their paid-for service. (They also include some discreet advertising in each of your mailings).

We can integrate these into your web site such that you have a sign-up page and a link to "archived" old newsletters.

We can also help with technical support on those free services. Then you may have questions like what should be in an email newsletter? how big should it be? what's the best day and time to send it?

If you know you are going to make more extensive use of bulk email then we can advise on the best commercial service and help you configure your mailshot templates.

Of course we have our own Web Technik email newsletter, read more and sign-up here

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